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Sound on sound : synth secrets
uka22h26 UTC - 04 Jun 2024
h5n1xp11h15 UTC - 05 Apr 2024
Works fine using Crossover Mac (Wine) on Apple Silicon Mac.
Siemi Horue13h58 UTC - 24 Dec 2023
i cant open this in Windows 10. help
Sackbutt21h18 UTC - 13 Dec 2023

Thanks. In my recent research after posting my question hereon, I came across PlugData that runs Pure Data as a plugin in many DAWs, so I may try that. I also like that it is FLOSS (free/libre & open source) apparently.
I have heard of Steampipe, incidentally, and hear it's quite good. Maybe I will return.
Thanks again!
Olivier16h54 UTC - 09 Dec 2023

Well..Sync modular is a 32 bit application, at that time, 64 bits software did not exist.

I don't suppose you can implement Razor in Sync-modular as it has less features, but it is also much more easy and convenient for buildind sound, so

For example, Streampipe exists both in Sync modular and in Reaktor so can compare how simple it is in Sync modular and stricky in Reaktor
Pollo14h06 UTC - 02 Dec 2023
Free palestine
Sackbutt04h30 UTC - 17 Nov 2023
Hi Guys. 2 Questions:

1. Is this 32 or 64 bits?
2. Could I duplicate NI's Reaktor's Razor with it?

Kalu00h37 UTC - 11 Aug 2023
Carlitos shall enslave humanity!

Great synth
Dodo16h44 UTC - 03 Apr 2023
The guy who created this is a genius!
Tinomo16h14 UTC - 21 Oct 2022
it is still my favourite "sound lab". so lightwight. amazing programm in it`s "is" state
Tinomo16h11 UTC - 21 Oct 2022
yes sadly. i wish there were some kind of module that converts audio-rates back to event-rate signals - maybe through a threshold or something. So there could be better cpu-optmimistions
Olivier14h20 UTC - 03 Oct 2022
Hello Tinomo

I am glad to see that there are still people working with Sync modular, which remain, according to me, the best soft to dive inside synth in a simple way (of course, Reaktor has more advanced features but much more complex as well)

For complex ensemble, it would have been cool if, when clicking to a macro, its input and output wires would be hightlighted and wires of other macros less visible so that it would be easier to undestand all things.

But well...this soft has some limitations that will never be improved, pity
Tinomo19h29 UTC - 30 Sep 2022
Hello Olivier. thank you for fixing.

yes. the chaos ... this is happening in all attempts while trying out... nothing works ... then it surprisingly works sonehow ... be happy and never touch it again.

but i think at least the panel has unique names to make it easy understadable.
Olivier11h13 UTC - 29 Sep 2022
Hello Tinomo

Thanks for your synth. There was a problem with the joined file cause of the "+" in the name of your file so i corrected this.

Cool synth and sounds with many presets !

(sadly hard to understand, so many wire everywhere)
Tinomo16h20 UTC - 29 Aug 2022
MiKy2 - the Fairplay synthesier

it doesn`t support Modwheel nor other fancy midi-stuff, it is just designed for inside synC modular to play around with. (but is not restricted to).

but, it uses all AA-Techniques i could get hold off, the price is bit higher CPU-Usage compared to all the classic ensembles from the late 90`s but i think that`s ok with todays computers.

joined file: MiKy2+Fx.sme
Wikter21h47 UTC - 12 Jan 2022
Yes, about my shared Drive Folder. Sometimes i receive a mail to allow access to rhe files, but the files are all open to read/comment.
Olivier11h26 UTC - 12 Jan 2022
Hello Wikter, Are you talking about your google drive directory dedicated to sync modular ? I hardly can understand your message :-)
Wikter04h06 UTC - 11 Jan 2022
Hi again, I'm receiving permission access queues everyday. It seems somewhere people is using this piece of software again. Please, use the last supplied links only.
Alley22h27 UTC - 15 Dec 2021
Reply to Wikter20h19 UTC - 12 Dec 2021
The biggest problem with VeeSeeVST Rack is that it's version 0.6...
Wikter19h28 UTC - 01 Dec 2021
And remember: there's a free VST of VCV: VeeseeVST, and it rocks hard Reaktor Rack.
Wikter19h18 UTC - 01 Dec 2021
Hi Olivier, happy bday also, You can also pan delays & introduce stereo movement with one lfo extra per chorus voice. If you add feedback you create a Flanger. It's just scratching the surface of modulated delay effects.
Olivier18h46 UTC - 31 Oct 2021

joined file: test_chorus.mp3
Olivier18h44 UTC - 31 Oct 2021
I found at least how to build a chorus. I first thought i was obliged to take several oscillators (from the same wave) and detune them slighty, not convenient way to do. In fact, only 1 oscillator is necessary, just have pass it through several small delays all different and varying slowly with lfo whose frequence also vary randomly and the job is done. Here a very simple ensemble : one saw, going in the chorus, and then in a reverb and the result is a cute string.

joined file: test_chorus.sme
Olivier05h55 UTC - 03 Jul 2021
There was a time, a company named Native Instruments created a great software : generator. It was first time we could build easily on computer synthesizer with box and wire, a very interesting and playful way. It was little expensive but it deserve it. Then, a programmist from Russia, made a crazy simple soft, sync modular, going even deaper in modularity, giving to user the possibility to built oscillators, filters or what ever - whereas generator was limited to already made box for that - and nearly 10 times cheaper. So Native Instruments said : "What the F***. Not possible to have a such challenger around us, he will steal our market ! We have to do something". Then, they do the good move : they bought the guy, stopped to developp sync modular, and said : "Ok, you come in our company but you won't destroy our soft. You do what you want in your own box and wire, we will call it "Kore", and we will manage to interface your stuff with our own box, called "primary". The result was a weird, complex thing, too hard to understand for average musician, but deep and working well anyway. Native instruments realize that their soft was too complex for 95% of users, abandon their idea to make great modular soft for large public and try to satisfy average musician by a new concept : Reaktor block, saying "You understand nothing of our tricky, complex soft ? don't worry ! Put already made few big block on the screen, wire them and your synthesizer is done !". So great idea.
tinomo09h19 UTC - 30 May 2021
the creator of steam-pipe also made the legendary reverb "R6" wich are also available in SynC and Reaktor
tinomo09h17 UTC - 30 May 2021
yes. such features are missing. I remember, luigi felici made a patch that take note-events and calculates them to a midi-clock signal. but it is always a hassle to set those things up. I think sync-modular's strengths are more in standlaone sound design . midi keyboards work well
Olivier14h27 UTC - 27 May 2021
hello Tinomo and SODDI. Yes, it seems that some sound designer was also hired by Native instrument and we can find for example "steampipe" both in sync modular and in reaktor. But in much easier way in sync modular. There is an important missing in sync modular. It not receive midi clock. It is very inconvenient if we try to make echos that are synchronized with the tempo of the sequencer
Tinomo15h02 UTC - 24 May 2021
most of the reaktor patches can be recreated in sync modular. there is only a kind of "backward logic" with the sync-modular relais and the reaktor compair-modules. and a bit less cpu preserving in sync. but it is possible
Tinomo15h01 UTC - 24 May 2021
after about 2 years linux experimenting, i found out today: the SynC modular runs absolutely flawless in wine. even the documentation (wich doesnt run on modern windows) the only point i am a bit dissapointed: that i didnt found it out earlier :))
SODDI19h34 UTC - 14 Apr 2021
Cubase 13 kicked it out. BUT, I was able to get my SynC audio on the free running ensembles out in Audacity using loopback on Audacity's input. I mainly used these free-running ensembles to create textures and pads anyway, bringing in layers of free-form synthesis into the normal rigid Cubase esthetic. So, flawless victory!
SODDI19h07 UTC - 13 Apr 2021
Old time SynCModular user/builder here. Gonna try to get this up and running on my new system/Cubase 13 - it's cranky on the bridge. It's mainly to use my user-base SynCModular ensembles - stuff from folks like Gabriel Landini & Luigi a/k/a liquih. & occasionally my own. The one thing that SynC does better than almost any other synth is free-running DRONES and textures.- best evidenced by userbase ensembles that aren't generally aren't available. My drones are my own.
Olivier08h20 UTC - 09 Dec 2020
not the same. Reaktor more complex than Sync modular. Obliged to dive into the complexity of "core", signal, latch, read, write, etc etc etc... whereas sync modular only its beautiful "z-1". Its up to the soft to manage complexity of signal management in background and not to users. So Sync modular was a model of simplicity whereas Reaktor a model of complexity.
Captain Obvious14h53 UTC - 08 Nov 2020
For all the uninformed people here talking about reviving this synth; It's not gonna happen, because the developer was hired by Native instruments to create Reaktor after making sync modular. Do you get it now? If you like sync modular, just buy NI Reaktor. Same thing but infinitely better.You're welcome.
Olivier11h03 UTC - 01 Sep 2020
Hello guys, How about doing a new "sync modular" from scratch ? Nowadays, it is less difficult than before. I suppose the author of Sync Modular programmed at that time directly with windows api, which was a hard job. Now we have a tool for synth programmist called "JUCE". It is specially devoted for building synthesizer or plugins. The language used is C++.
kaas122h24 UTC - 24 Aug 2020
For anyone having trouble (like me) opening the .hlp file, look in the BeOS download, there's plain HTML documentation there.
Olivier09h20 UTC - 02 Dec 2019
Hello Wikter,cause you just have to put your link between html tag (< a > tag). I have corrected this.
Wikter05h11 UTC - 01 Dec 2019
Don't know why the link didn't highlighted...
Wikter05h10 UTC - 01 Dec 2019
Hi, since Google sites disappeared, I created a post in my blog to keep the links updated to those files. suggestions: wikter at Google mail,
venki06h46 UTC - 27 Nov 2019

joined file: 29.wav
haroo18h56 UTC - 03 Oct 2019
" I have to continue to maintain this website ? personnally, i now "fucking" don't care of this soft as much as his "fucking" creator who has abandonned his own soft in a so fucking way : -) "Please continue to maintain this site. This is really a jewel resource on the net and it would be a real shame to lose it. I must say i enjoyed your youtube project and it has affected/impacted my playing/recording. thnx!
nioelumijke17h22 UTC - 01 Jul 2019
Dorrall23h49 UTC - 30 May 2019
someone on youtube said the creator was hired by NI to work on some version of Reaktor.
Olivier19h02 UTC - 07 May 2019 I have to continue to maintain this website ? personnally, i now "fucking" don't care of this soft as much as his "fucking" creator who has abandonned his own soft in a so fucking way : -)Sound creation is surely very interesting but also very difficult, i gave up long time ago.How musicians made all theses sounds ? did they create by themselves ? how they did ? it's so mysterious for me...I tried to reproduce the first 30 secondes of the 1st track with MULab but result far from original
EddieRos21h21 UTC - 17 Apr 2019
Always interested in anything modular
element43308h58 UTC - 17 Apr 2019
One thing to note using Wine is to make sure the audio output is different from the Mac's system audio default. I have a dedicated USB audio device just for sync and (ironically!) Reaktor
element43308h55 UTC - 17 Apr 2019
Just installed it on Yosemite using WineHQ. Runs great! I used Sync in 1999-2000 (Win98) on my track Flight Sequence II in the last 5 minutes, the Gong at 7'45" You can hear it on Bandcamp here:
SMuser08h23 UTC - 12 Apr 2019
would be wonderful if this software was updated with a 64bit VST version. i so wish to use this software inside other DAW 64 bit..
Zythe(Zam)06h31 UTC - 12 Mar 2019
Leaving my mark here.
313ryans03h37 UTC - 22 Feb 2018
I figured out the problem. I did not realize the manual in the file folder worked.
313ryans02h10 UTC - 19 Feb 2018
Hello, I have been a fan of this synth for a long time. 3 PCs have crashed since I started using Sync as a VST. Right now I am rebuilding my older material in Tracktion and Reaper. My old patches work (Nord and Waldorf Pulse emulators) but none of the new ones I am tweaking work as VSTs. Is there a setting in the structure of additive16tri++ by Luigi (for example) that I can tweak to make it work?
Olivier21h26 UTC - 15 Feb 2018
ok thanks...corrected
gentleclockdivider21h07 UTC - 13 Feb 2018
There are a few typos in the header .Here's a corrected version Sync modular is a modular synthesizer allowing you to build your own synthesizer and sounds.It was developed by a Russian musician programmer in the year 1999.In 2001, the developer was hired by Native Instruments in order to develop Reaktor 5 with core technology.In 2010, Sync modular became freeware.Download Sync-modular, instruments and macros created by users or build your own synthesizer.
Olivier10h06 UTC - 25 Jan 2018
The fact is, there is still few "professional" sound, for example, concerning drum sound, there is an ensemble that simulate snare or kick, but it's very poor comparing of all different sound you can hear in some techno and electro music. Is it due to the limitation of Sync modular ?
Olivier21h14 UTC - 14 Jan 2018
Hello Tinomo,Thanks for your help. I tried to make a quite simple ensemble long time ago and the result was not catastrophic : -) (I lost that ensemble now)
Tinomo12h46 UTC - 13 Jan 2018
yeah it sounds like either multiple bandpasses, or a chebyshef (sorry when misspelling) . i will try to recreate.....
Olivier11h45 UTC - 11 Jan 2018
Hello,I propose a challenge. Here is a sound i like quite much, from an electro track . The trick is to try to reproduce it as exactly as possible with sync-modular.It's a typical "GOA" sound and it would be great to build it with sync modular.The sound :goa soundfrom the track :Rainbow Spirit - Prana
pythagoras02h45 UTC - 18 Dec 2017
2002 Audio tech course Salford university(UK).
Csaba17h19 UTC - 23 Nov 2017
Hi!I owned an old ni reaktor/generator from 1999 but later I lost it... Today I use reaktor 6 but I never heard about this sync modular software.I'm glad because this is an age document!
Olivier20h47 UTC - 20 Nov 2017
Hello,I recently get Reaktor 6. Of course, that software is impressive and has much more capabilities than Sync modular. It goes even deeper in signal processing so that the sound designer can build more powerfull and more clean ensemble.So maybe in order to design correct ensemble, Vadim has introduced event signal, clock signal, read module, write module, latch, etc etc...That's great, surely, for sound designer ?But one thing that Reaktor has loosed : it's simplicity and readability.As it was quite difficult, but possible to understand Sync modular ensemble, i think it's nearly impossible to understand reaktor ensemble.Furthermore, all the knobs has to be out of a core cell and not just connected near their respective module, so it add even more difficulty to understand the meaning of all that.Finally, Reaktor is certainly a great sound sofware for sound designersBut it's also awfully disappointing for large majority of musician who are interested to deep into their ensemble in order to understand the sound they use.So, i still think that sync modular was unique by its large possibilities despite of its relative simplioity and pity that this soft was abandonned this way.
Olivier18h10 UTC - 16 Aug 2017
Hello Tinomo,Thanks for the link,here the direct linkFormantOsc.smeFormantOsc.smm
TINOMO14h39 UTC - 12 Aug 2017
Hi, i just found a cool formant ascillator from 2002 in sync-modular ensemble format... it can be downloaded by feeding Google with: "Workshop Rob Hordijk - Electro-Music"on the bottom is a macro and ensemble download link
ABS08h00 UTC - 21 Jan 2017
you are right. the calculation happens simultanusly
ABS07h55 UTC - 21 Jan 2017
you are right. the calculation happens simultanusly
joe14h45 UTC - 09 Jan 2017
VST doesnt work, try to reinstall but uninstalling failed. Which folders or registry to clean it?
Colb17h51 UTC - 25 Oct 2016
Not 100% sure. Might have been the heavy version that wasn't released
Wikter11h05 UTC - 18 Oct 2016
Hi Colb, are you sure your Wavesynclite16 wasn't released? I've uesd it, maybe this is the last one with enhanced features, but... Well, i see there's enough activity to recompile my library again.
boby17h43 UTC - 04 Oct 2016
colb20h13 UTC - 28 Sep 2016
Good to see there is activity in sync modular still after all these years.Here's a synth I built back in ~2000/2001, and never got round to uploading, because of the news about the app being discontinued. It's a wavetable morphing synth with 2 oscillators. There are also a pair of multi-mode LFO/modulators, these include a sequence mode based on another of my creations "InKeyX03". I think this synth is capable of a huge variety of sounds. The demo patches really don't do it justice. Enjoy

joined file: WAVESYNClite
Olivier15h44 UTC - 20 Jul 2016
by the way, there is already the google drive of Wikter in the link menu, that gather nearly all the ensembles
Olivier13h49 UTC - 20 Jul 2016
Hello, i have just build fastly a google drive : google drive with different arrangement and files are welcomei'll put then the address to the menu
humdinger16h53 UTC - 13 Jul 2016
Is there a repo with the source somewhere? Thanks for the nice app. The BeOS archive still runs on Haiku. o/
csf18h00 UTC - 11 Mar 2016
Allow digital media player hd/3d camera whether display driver drift developer sync
chari05h22 UTC - 04 Feb 2016
Olivier11h29 UTC - 04 Jan 2016
All right...I added the link, i heard this version was quite difficult to find, thanks
Be23h26 UTC - 02 Jan 2016
Please attach Beos Sync Modular version to the site.

joined file:
Olivier13h50 UTC - 18 Dec 2015
Hello Tin, i have added your article to the tutorials links, thanks for your contribution.Also thanks for your ensembles ! the sound of AtmosC sound quite "industrial", interesting sound, and your fm ensemble very elaborated !Just a little thing i know about guitare or instruments, the exponential decay makes sound much more realist than the traditionnal ADSR envelopp or things like that.Have a good day...
tin18h49 UTC - 16 Dec 2015
you are right. the calculation happens simultanusly. SynC modular restricts us to a defined sample-rate. all we can do, is calculate 1/2 sample delay, process the original sample and the 1/2 delayed, and combine them again (in case of 2x upsample). Finaly, it is exactly the same as we in theory would increase the sample-rate in a specific part of the structure. and this isn`t my idea at all. i.e. have a look at wikipedia : especially the part "Oversampling in reconstruction"
tin18h36 UTC - 16 Dec 2015
you are right. the calculation happens simultanusly. SynC modular restricts us to a defined sample-rate. all we can do, is calculate 1/2 sample delay, process the original sample and the 1/2 delayed, and combine them again (in case of 2x upsample). Finaly, it is exactly the same as we in theoy would increase the sample-rate in a specific part of the structure.
Olivier14h01 UTC - 16 Dec 2015
Hello Tinomo,Thanks for your ensembles...I should try to add a repertory to deposit the new ensembles of users. I am thinking about that.Also, i tried to read your article about oversampling. In fact, it seems that the signal is not oversampled at all. I mean, the value in between is not outputted "in between" but is outputted to the current sample, so the result is still a signal at sample rate. I would prefer to understand your ideas then, maybe i have not understood something. See you.
Tinomo09h50 UTC - 16 Dec 2015
Atmos-C-Dronse is a automatic-synth drone generator with some scary sounds.

joined file: AtmosC-Dronse.sme
Tinomo09h48 UTC - 16 Dec 2015
I used this thing to explore Ringmodulation. It has frequency-adding/subbing to make sure that at least one produced overtone lies on your key

joined file: EasyRing.sme
Tinomo09h46 UTC - 16 Dec 2015
a very basic guitar karplus-strong thingy, no idea if that`s cool or not

joined file: EasyPlouqV3.sme
Tinomo09h45 UTC - 16 Dec 2015
wile browsing old archives i found more old selfmade ensembles i want to share.EasyFM3 is a basic 4-op Phasemodulation synth. the algorithms can switched in realtime, that`s the fun i guess

joined file: EasyFm3.sme
tin14h20 UTC - 15 Dec 2015
ok. here it comes...

joined file:
Olivier09h30 UTC - 15 Dec 2015
Hello Tinomo,Thanks for your contribution. I consult very scarcely the email, i checked it but did not see message from you. What about sending your document here in attached file ? i will give the possibiliy to attach any file (not only sync modular). I will then add a link to your artical in the tutorial section...
Tinomo14h18 UTC - 14 Dec 2015
nevermind, found your email adress
Tinomo12h49 UTC - 14 Dec 2015
Hi Olivier. I Wrote a short article about oversampling in SynC modular. where can I send it?
olivier09h04 UTC - 09 Dec 2015
hello, there is a tutorial section now, if somebody want to add a tutorial about sound synthesis or sync modular, he is welcome
Olivier09h28 UTC - 04 Nov 2015
ok, i have just changed the download procedure, hope it works for you now
mutky15h41 UTC - 03 Nov 2015
I canot download
bob19h07 UTC - 30 Oct 2015
I want to download
Olivier09h09 UTC - 22 Sep 2015
hum...did you click on the link "Download sync-modular" ? cause the link "Download" in the main menu don't do anything...but if it really does not work, i should change the download procedure then, zZZzz
Lucas16h38 UTC - 18 Sep 2015
Hello.I try to download the software, but the site brings me up here.
Vanjub20h47 UTC - 29 Jul 2015
Olivier, thank you very much.
Olivier11h45 UTC - 29 Jul 2015 just have to go to the window menu, then skin, then select, then choose "skiny knob" and select your colors. I don't know why the default skin is this awful gray, it's really not appealing when we open sync modular the first time...
Vanjub10h25 UTC - 28 Jul 2015
How can I change the color of the ensemble, the latest version of it is gray and here in the picture such as blue?
Olivier10h12 UTC - 27 Jul 2015
Hello, maybe Wikter could answer to you ? cause he gathered nearly all the sync-modular ensembles from the web...and Wikter, I have changed the link to your google drive directorysee you all
Vanjub13h41 UTC - 22 Jul 2015
Hello, somebody has virus-b.sme with wavetables? Or new versions SynDream v2.8?I think this modular sounds better reactor 5 or so it seems
Tinomo16h03 UTC - 29 May 2015
thanks for fixing, wikter. indeed a stupid bug... I didn`t notice this because i never touched the amp-envelope, all presets i made were full sustain, so there shouldn`t be a difference. anyway thanks for uploading and sharing it.
wikter22h33 UTC - 26 May 2015
Hi! I've revamped the NordLead ensemble...Now it sounds brighter, faster and more effected...
wikter19h21 UTC - 26 May 2015
OK. MS20 fixed.A conecction between Decay knob and Decay parameter of the envelope had dissappeared. Really easy!I've added your presets to the original MS20 SME file inside "Hardware Emulations", but due to the fact that you've been using a faulty sme (the original was faulty too) those patches may sound a bit different.Please, give them a hear.Also, I've renamed your presets. Naming presets helps to keep banks tidy.Thanks Tinomo aka Tin.
wikter19h14 UTC - 26 May 2015
Hi, while testing MS20 i've found the the ADSR don't works in a classic mode. Sustain control the overall envelope level, or something like that. I can't get a sound when sustain is 0. It seems the decay Stage is after the sustain stage. Does it work that way in the original ms20? I think don't.
wikter19h00 UTC - 26 May 2015
Well I've seen some activity since the last post.I've uploaded all those new ensembles (2?) to a "NEW" folder inside my drive.I think i'll keep editing private to avoid deletions.I'll keep as much updated as I could.
wikter18h53 UTC - 26 May 2015
The problem to register is because of the DAW, you should run the DAW with admin rights. Otherwise, the DAW can't write the key to the system registry.
Tinomo20h23 UTC - 13 May 2015
Hello, in case you use a newer Windows system, don`t forget to run SynC modular once as administrator while you enter the registration code.
Olivier09h04 UTC - 12 May 2015
Hello, your problem registration sound strange...are you copy and paste the right field ? "Free registration" should be enter without additional space at the beginning or at the end, if not exactly the same, then it won't work
anastasia22h52 UTC - 11 May 2015
I cannot register
anastasia22h52 UTC - 11 May 2015
craigcw23h28 UTC - 10 May 2015
I cannot register the Sync-modular software with the serial number on the website. Am I missing something?Thanks
Olivier16h18 UTC - 04 May 2015
hello tinomo...thanks for your ensembles. MS-20 is very interesting (and quite complex too) and able to generate quite large spectre of soundsI discover also there is still some problems in the upload program but your files has been correctly transfered anyway and i will try to correct it soon...Also, i will add your ensembles in the zip files next
Tinomo06h46 UTC - 03 May 2015
Some inbuild modules were stolen :) others were selfmade. I collect SynC-stuff for a long time now. earlier I didn`t care much about crediting.I have also a better quality version of CycleSlicer, but it is about 16 Mb big. ther seems to be a filesize limit here, I hope you enjoy these

joined file: Cycle slicer lo.sme
tin06h21 UTC - 03 May 2015

joined file: MS-20-SynC.sme
Olivier19h32 UTC - 28 Apr 2015
Hello all...Glad to see you again Wikter...Google drive could be a good way to share file. I did not know that possibilitie. Tinomo, are you sure we need to have a google account in order to access to the files ? if you click to the link normally it works. But then, how users can add their own work in that repertory ? in futur I could add this link directly on the menu. Anyway, uploading files directly here is also a simple possibility... And at least, if someone interested to maintain or improve that website ? i am not very active myself, i do this only to try to rebirth sync modular
Tinomo16h47 UTC - 28 Apr 2015
Thanks Olivier for the upload thingy, i´m preparing something.. .since i haven`t a google acount yet, i can`t upload to wikter`s googledrive.
Tinomo16h44 UTC - 28 Apr 2015
Hi Olivier, Hi Wikteri was`nt here for a while.the best tutorial for synC modular lies inside it`s own helpfile: the "getting startet" section. yes, wikter i remember similar troubles when i first run sync modular on a newer computer os, i think it`s a general problem within sync modular (we hadn`t that admin stuff in the early days of windows).
wikter11h38 UTC - 28 Apr 2015
Hi again,I've found problems trying to use Sync Modular with my Presonus Studio One. Although it has been previously registered and I had used it from Chainer/Buzz, Studio One was always asking me to update the registration.the problem has been solved starting Studio One as Admin just one time and filling registration data.Now it works fine again.
wikter11h00 UTC - 28 Apr 2015
That's a folder to upload and download stuff.
wikter10h59 UTC - 28 Apr 2015
Why not share a Google Drive folder??There's a lot of things to share...PatchesMacrosSkinsensemblessamples...
wikter09h54 UTC - 28 Apr 2015
Testing MS-20!
wikter09h52 UTC - 28 Apr 2015
Hi Olivier and all of you that use SynC.An user asked me about tutorials, where can we find tutorials?Are there any PDF/HTML/DOC files out there showing how to use Sync Modular?Maybe it's time to create some...
Olivier18h11 UTC - 12 Apr 2015
Hello Tinomo, are you still here ? can post your work here if you want, it will be easier to download here i thinkand Migon, thanks for your encouraging...
Migon2518h05 UTC - 09 Mar 2015
Hola amigos! excelente juguete!! grácias por compartir!!!!
tom21h32 UTC - 15 Feb 2015
tin15h45 UTC - 29 Jan 2015
sorry for this. i will look for better uploadservices next time
Olivier10h33 UTC - 26 Jan 2015
Hello Tinomo...thanks for your work...But it's difficult to download your file, we have to download a commercial soft first with lots of ads inside. I will try to add an upload file feature so that we can post file directly here.
Tinomo20h15 UTC - 22 Jan 2015
a new emulaton of an old synth. has a tiny panel and big sound. hope you like it
Olivier08h25 UTC - 15 Jan 2015
Hello Tinomo...yes, you are welcome to post your work...
aaf18h59 UTC - 17 Dec 2014
Thanks 1421008060.9697
Olivier09h52 UTC - 24 Nov 2014
So the reason of this website. In fact, the official website has disappeared from the net and it was then impossible to know Sync modular even i try to rebirth it with that website. Also, it would be cool if new users could publish some new sounds and ensembles. Sync modular still need more synths and sounds in order to be more attractive.
Olivier15h08 UTC - 18 Nov 2014
Hello guys, have something to say about that soft ?